The Last 4 Weeks...

How can a month go by so quickly?…Theatre: a most worthy time-warp of self-development and discovery. While I have been spending my nights in a blazing hot dressing rooms time marches forward and I find myself living as opposed to writing. So here's a quick run-down of  what's been shakin' this past month…

Three Doors Down
Good Ol' Boy and cat lady let me know that the neighbors three doors down (ha ha ha! no seriously…) were moving out and had a garage/basement full o' stuffs that would be trashed. I interrupted my weeding (about the only garden activity I have had time to squeeze in) to take a peek. I walked out with this:

The tables will be going to fancy-Nancy who has taken up the furniture refinishing hobby.  The coats will be cleaned and gifted to a costumer friend if they don't fit or need extensive repairs. 

Mystery Squash - identified as acorn squash
This fast growing volunteer met it's end after deciding to choke out the side patch. My eggplants and peppers thanked me by quickly producing flowers and some fruitlings. This monster plant will be best reserved for larger spaces. Note to self - think about a separate squash patch at the community garden…

Independence Day
After a rocking 9 a.m. rehearsal I hung out with my favorite peeps. There were two Jeff's and Jeff the dog. Sadly I could not get a picture of all three together. Here is 2 out of 3…

Apology Veggies
These were wrapped up and gifted to a beet loving cast member with the note "Sorry for beeting on you" - this was after a clumsy night of hitting him with a phone, giving him rope burns and accidentally wacking him upside the head. Theatre is dangerous…he took it like a pro. 

Growing unique flowers has been one of the best decision I have made. I have had fresh bouquets almost all summer long!

Dad and Husker napkin after a long day of CLE sightseeing. 

My first table-full of edibles. Woohhoo!

That's all for the moment - time to put on some falsies and head to the theatre - only 5 performances left!


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