Squash Wranglin'

Sometimes you have to let mother nature win a few rounds in your yard.  I had no intention of growing squash along the side of my house in the galley garden but it decided to grow itself perfectly centered in narrow space.  The volunteers showed up early and took off while I was still putting in seedlings. 

I let the little squash go for a while and realized I didn't have the heart to pull it since it was growing so happily.  I don't know what kind of squash it will produce but I'm already seeing flowers. 

My side patch is along the house is about a foot and a half wide and 50+ feet long.  

This is what I devised to keep these guys in line..... squash finials...

Yep, It's an upside down tomato cage and a grapevine craft-store cone. I've seen the cones used for little crafty christmas trees and knew it would be a good rustic looking cover for the pointy parts of the cage that normally stake into the ground. 

I used a couple of large rocks and bricks at the base to keep the cage from tipping over until the leaves filled in. (The rocks are still there- they help keep weeds from the base of the plant.)

Here's some other snapshots...

I like how the mini squash tower adds some vertical interest going along the looooooooong side.  


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