Birthday Soup

Last night I dined on Birthday leftover soup.  It dipped back into the mid-60's so cooking soup seems a little more acceptable now that it's not 80 and humid. I think I may be dining on surf and turf birthday BBQ leftovers all week with a little support from my freezer and garden. The creation from last night came out of a need to use roast chicken leftovers and lot of bits and bites from my birthday dinner. Here's what I constructed. It was delish! 

Jerky Gumbo- Birthday Leftover Soup

8 cups of chicken broth
2 sausage links
1 cup of chopped chicken
1 cup of assorted shellfish (I used scallops and shrimp)
1 can of beans (I used butter beans)
2 cups of chopped garden greens (radish tops, kale, chard and spinach)
3 ears of corn
1 pint of cherry tomatoes
1/2 onion chopped
1-2 cups of chopped sweet peppers
2 cloves of garlic chopped
3 tbs cajun jerk seasoning
1 tbs sugar
salt and pepper to taste
fresh oregano for garnish
hot sauce

Saute the veggies and jerk seasoning until onions are clear. Smash the tomatoes gently. Add broth, chicken, cooked sausage, rinsed beans and jerk seasoning. Cook on med-low for 1 hour. Turn off burner and add cooked shellfish. Sprinkle fresh oregano on serving. 

Serve with buttered toast sprinkled with a dash of Old Bay and drink a shandy. 

I set aside extra chopped onion, garlic, peppers and greens. I have a week full of theatre rehearsals so all I have to do tonight is throw ingredients in a pan I have waiting in the fridge. I always like to think a day ahead when I'm chopping ingredients. Often times the basics like onion, garlic, peppers, can be chopped in bulk and are use din Italian, Mexican and Asian recipes. 

Tonight I'm going Asian...


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