Urban Arechology

Sometimes funny things happen when you rake the yard. Fantastic things, like discovering the lost city of Pompeii - or discovering a fish pond beneath a bedroom window.

After I cleared away years of leaves and hacked away at mountains of Japanese Knotwood I was left with this. 

Good Ol' Boy told me that the oval was at one time a fish pond. The rectangle that Fancy Nancy referred to as the "pet grave" in front of the basement window was actually an old coal shoot that had been filled in. 

My original idea was to plant the mint up in the coal shoot but I decided it was just too dark. And I like mojitos. So I dug away at the pond and unearthed the richest fluffiest soil. I made a path out of refuse bricks and some pebbles.

I decided the spot needed a bird bath so I made one out of an old bowl and some more stones. In the picture above I have the mint portion in as well as transplanted chives, sage, thyme and oregano that made it over winter.

Filling in stage...

The bluebells are done blooming now and the knotwood is getting rough to wrangle but the herbs look happy. I'll be planting some summer flowers to replace the bluebells. 
The bluebells were actually a happy accident. I almost ripped them out! I'm so glad I decided to exercise some restraint and really observe what is growing naturally through this summer before I decide to edit. In older rentals a lot can be happening naturally that can be used and revived in new ways. 


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