Unleashing the event planning beast on an off day

So far my all of my winter weekends spent daydreaming about being outside have not gone to waste Hours of browsing pinterest learning about growing vegetables and flowers seems to be paying off. The season is just beginning and I have had my whomp-whomp moments, but most of my growing spaces seem to be taking off.

After my jungle experience last year I decided some research and planning was needed if I was doing it again this year.

Here a few of the best things that I used to get this year off to a rockin' start:

Garden Notebook:

I fucking love science. Keeping this growing journal makes me feel like a botanist writing down observations and plant sketches. I am also an event planner and know that unless it makes it on a list it may not exist.  Planning a garden is like planning an event. Know your timing of things, make sure you have a big enough space for the guests and make sure they are fed.  And don't forget the added element of surprise.

Inside you will find:
Pictures from seed catalogs and lists of what I have started.

Garden Plan Sketches

Sketches of future spaces

and more to come as the season goes on...

The Seed Books:
I have one for flowers and one for vegetables made out of old CD holder books that were still in good shape and about to go to Goodwill. Seed packets fit in the holders perfectly and I have some magazine tears in the back that need to go in the notebook on a rainy day.

Label your shit!
Way back in February I planted swiss chard and beets in some egg carton starts.  I later went to transplant the seedlings and realized they both look identical. I also learned kale and broccoli have identical looking seedlings. I ended up planting more kale thinking all the starts were broccoli.  All of this would have been avoided if I would have labeled my shit like advised. 

Trust me, you will not remember. 

I know always have a reserve of clothespins and a sharpies on hand for when I throw some seeds in some dirt. 

This labeling system has been wonderful for me. The clothespins can be pinned on the growing containers or pinned to a cheap bamboo grill skewer for labeling in the ground. 

On one side I write the name and on the other I write the date planted along with the name of the seed supplier. 


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