Raising Cane Part 2

This is a story of why you should absolutely grow giant sunflowers if you can find the space. Aside from them being my absolutely favorite flower they pay their rent twice in the form of seed and the stalks.

Sometimes ideas work out better than you ever expected. Making my own ketchup...well that could use some work...making a free trellis - I got that shit.

Last year I had this idea.

In April I was tinkering around in the garage with some jute string and some of the sunflower stalks Here is what I came up with. Vey Blair Witchey.

Out of most of my harvest oh sunflowers I made 2 huge garden teepee's, a rose trellis and a small flower pot trellis. Not to shabby for free. The only thing that may get tricky is finding the garage space to store these so they can dry out over winter.

 The community garden teepee  is going to support Kentucky Wonder Beans, Blue Lake Stringless, Asian Yard-long beans and sugar snap peas.  The picture above is the baby yard-long plants.

I'm going to sound nutso in saying that I'm growing a lot of beans because Shelby eats green beans everyday with her hard dog food. I know, I'm the crazy one growing veggies for my pup.  Even crazier considering she decided to re-arrange a freshly planted plot by the back deck. Little shit.

The knot tying is easy - kind of like wrapping a bum ankle.

I have lettuce planted under the trellis and peas planted on the shadiest corner. Hopefully the shade from the beans will help them both keep cool. 

 The blue lake beans are sprouted - I need to thin them out and put up the rest of the jute line for them to cling to.

The back ornamental structure hold a potted plant of ivy and morning glories that will trail out and over the trellis. 

The rose trellis.  I know it looks completely wonkey. The roses need a good haircut and I didn't want to mess with them until after they bloom in June. 

The little pot trellis that will help the morning glories start to trail up over the porch railing. 

The morning glories are staring to wrap around the stalks. The stalks have a perfect natural rough surface for gripping hold of plants and makes tying them together with jute so easy!


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