Mudroom to Plantroom

For the last three years the run down mudroom at the back of my house has been a junk collection spot for various outdoor equipment, camping gear and grilling accouterments. I would cringe every time I took the dog out back looking at the various plie of stuff that really should be well organized in the basement storage. 

Here is the completely EEEK-worthy before shot of the room. 

This was taken in early April when I had trays full of vegetable seedlings crawling over every surface and well, other piles of "treasures" that needed to find a proper home. 

Given the south-west location and the massive amounts of sunlight I knew this room would make a great makeshift potting shed/plant room.  Taking into account my growing obsession with growing things, I knew I needed a game-plan and decent space to work in before Spring was in full bloom. 

Nancy-dude helped me move a wayward vintage vanity (that has been sitting in my garage for the past year) into the space after I sorted and cleared most of the junk. 

So here is the new space:

Much improved! 

It is still a work in progress as plants continue to rotate out and into the ground. The vanity needs some new knobs and a good polishing. I have been using the cutout portion of the vanity as a herb drying surface or tabletop as needed. I found the unused glass top in the basement and it fits nicely over the top to make for added plant surface. 

Repurposing things is a grand! These unused dog crates make a perfect flat-rack while allowing as many layers as possible to soak up some sunshine. The clippings above are nesting in a fruit box lined with a an unused dog piddle pad. (good think the dog no longer needs either...)

The lattice wall rack is perfect for hanging various tools and chords. I added some smaller hooks for smaller objects across the top and s-hooks loop nicely into the lattice to create more wall storage as needed. 

I'll post more pictures as things continue to change in the space. I love transforming forgotten areas into something a little more grand than their current state. 

Now, onward to the next space to remake!


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