Parking lots were made for punching

Last Sunday I engaged in an activity I fully swear not to ever ever ever ever do again in my lifetime - drive into the muni lot at 9 a.m. on game-day.

I hate myself for even saying that I was the A-hole who wasn't awake at the first rooster-crow to be in the lot as they lifted the first entry gates. Instead, I was the angry girl who was raging over the guys last minute decision-change to take the corn-hole boards while frantically trying to rid my car of stacks of printed brochures (and junk) I didn't ditch earlier when I was told the boards would not be joining us for the trip.

I will not go into details about the screaming match I got  into with a drunken dude who was basically the old troll in the billygoats bluff story not allowing people to pass over the bridge. Not a finer moment of my existence, but I did learn that being forced to drive through the Muni at 9 am to drop off corn-hole boards makes you much more of an Asshole than a fan of the "other guys" walking through in full body paint.

Never again. in. my. life.  and the Frau and Bear have me backed on this one for having to endure the half-hour douchbag ride as passengers.

In the end it was worth the pain. kind- of.
Nonetheless, the pics are fun!
...and the Browns won!

Cardiac Kid. 

FASHION REPORT::::Custom Brown's Chuck Taylors and the most amazing pants ever. 




Frau made some new friends. 

Fozzy Bear is that you?

Worth 1,000 words. 

Touchdown Browns!!!


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