The Days of Wine and Romas

My living room has been taken over. I got a tiny bit ambitious while at the pumpkin farm and walked out with a little more than a pumpkin or two.

Red Wagon Farm Purchase:

1 50# bushel of romas
1 50# bushel of globes
8 heads of elephant garlic
2 pumpkin pie pumpkins
3 wee lil' pumpkins
1 corn maze trip
Grand Total - $43.00!!!

Despite this being my completely insane season at work I have been canning like a crazy person.  I was actually relieved last night to have a gig shooting a party so I could step away from the kitchen.  Drinking the leftover wine from the bruschetta has been enough of a sedative to keep me sane.

The count so far is:
7 quarts of crushed whole tomatoes in juice
10 half-pints of marinara
20 half-pints of merlot and zinfandel bruschetta
5 half-pints of oven dried romas

Salsa making day with Frau is on for tomorrow. I'm so frickin' relieved to have some help getting the last of the haul out of boxes and into jars.

To be continued...


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