Wasabi Soy Roasted Sunflower Seeds

My sunflowers met their end as soon as I got back from Chicago.  I chopped off all the heads in the middle of a rainstorm and dumped them in a berry box until they dried off. 

I rubbed off all of the gook and broke off the bigger pieces into a large coating prep bowl. The remnants of the smaller guys went out back for the squirrels to devour. I figured they deserved a treat for mostly leaving them alone for the last month.

 After they were done I had about four quart jars filled. I set one aside to use as seed for next year. The other three jars became roasted seeds.  I did one that was plain ol' sea salt, one taco and one wasabi soy.  Turns out the asian concoction was the clear winner.  They are the darkest ones you see in the photos.

Wasabi Soy Roasted Sunflower Seeds

4 cups of raw sunflower seeds
1/4 cup of soy sauce
2 tablespoons of dry wasabi
shake of wasabi and soy reserved

Combine all ingredients and top off with water.  Soak seeds overnight. (a quart jar works great for this)
Strain seeds in a colander and spread on a cookie sheet. Roast at 300º and give them a good toss every 15 minutes. When they almost look dry and toasty give them a healthy toss with soy and wasabi. Roast until they are dry and a little carmelized. 

Serve with a Tsingtao :)


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