The Accidental Gardener

I never intended to spend my summer playing nurse to a group of wayward veggie plants castoff from Cat Lady and her husband Good Ol' Boy.  But caretaker I am, and soon my newly mulched driveway patch was loaded with mammoth sunflower seeds, big boy tomatoes, bell and banana peppers, green and red cabbage in addition to my slowly growing herb garden.

The pictures pretty much get you caught up on the story. What the pictures don't show is the amount of hours I spent watering, fertilizing, weeding and mother effin' the gutters on the house while running outside in the pouring rain with garbage cans to collect the rainwater deluging my puniest tomato plant.

iphone photo growth pic journal

I have been slowly pulling tomatoes ove the past month but the plants are just now loaded with greens. The SalsaFiestaMaking Day is slated for the first weekend in October. I hope my big boys are ripe and ready by then.

The sunflowers are now at epic proportions and some of the heads are starting to do the droop. I'm going to attempt to harvest these using the brown paper bag technique as they start to brown on the backsides. I've been cutting back the herbs all summer and have them hanging to dry in bundles attached to the cafe rods in my kitchen window. I'm digging the English Cottage feel.

The measly side-patch as of Sept 1, 2012. 

My rescue-mission tropical plants started out so well, then dropped most of their leaves in April. I put them on the porch with the makeshift globes and doused them when I watered the other plants.  The final bad leaves are starting to drop and now they actually look like they like life again. 

Four months later I'm now watching the carrot and beets I planted for a fall harvest. The final round of seeds goes in this weekend to see how long I can stretch into winter and hopefully still be pulling veggies. I also have some kale and sprouting onions I want to experiment overwintering with.

The community garden across the street just got a donation chicken coop. Guess who is already thinking about an additional garden plot and the prospect of having some chicken friends next year?

Cock-a doodle doo bitches!


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