Reusing Garden "Waste"

I came home from work today and decided to tackle the pile of sunflower stalks before the house-sitters arrive.

After telling the neighbors last night that I may as well have grown trees in my garden, and joking about having to saw down the stalks — I got a crazy idea. Why the hell not use the stalks as wood?
I did a quick internet search last night and found a number of people who reused the dry stalks as bean poles, trellises and other various garden supports. I may even try tomato cages?

I'm so in love with this idea and know exactly how I'm going to create my "dream-green-bean-wall" along the front porch. I now have all the stripped stalks sitting in the garage drying. The leaves are covering the grassy area next to the garden helping to kill everything underneath in the area I want to expand into. The leaves are large and heavy so they should make a great grass killer/compost starter.

By spring I'll give the dried stalks a coat of protectant and they will be ready to be used as trellis construction materials before I plant my peas.

Three cheers for repurposing!

Hopefully my idea will work out - it's gonna be a while to see if the effort was worth it.


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