Tending my ghetto garden continues to be amusing. My sunflowers that grew to epic proportions continue on a natural lifecycle that is making them all droop into the driveway creating a canopy for the neighbor's cars.

Every so often I'll hear a pop and have to go check and see if they have dropped onto the ground or a vehicle. Ugh, I should have never assumed these guys would have grown smaller because they were in a confined space. Lesson learned -look at the estimated plant growth carefully. 

It's probably a good thing I'm keeping an eye on the sunnys because while I was out chopping down another sunflower tree, I dug through the tomatoes and found a lot of ripe ones ready to come off the vine. I'm trying to catch them as soon as they turn to help along the other masses of green ones still growing and blooming.

I ended up using the sunflower that drooped onto the neighbors van as a basket to carry in the goods.


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