Online Shopping Spree

I may have gone a little crazy when ordering starts and bulbs for the winter garden. Yup, I have come to terms with the forthcoming loss of my sunflowers. And yup, I decided I like this growing thing.

My shopping spree included blue kale starts, Silver Rose garlic, white storage onion sets, Holland Red shallots, spinach seed, and four of these cool dudes:
Egyptian Walking Onions
These are the strangest onions - they are topset, and if you let them go, they topple over and "walk" across the garden. They are small, but are very cold hardy.  They are a rare variety that easily multiply and They look strangely awesome. I may put them in the front of the house.

I figure I may as well use the magic growing patch while it's frosty out.  Between the heat from the house helping to keep the side dirt warm and the Lake Erie "heater effect" I'm hoping these hardy guys overwinter well. With any luck I will be eating a lot of kale, spinach, carrots and beets and come Spring I will have buckets of onions, garlic and shallots.

I'm already thinking about what's waiting in the wings after this round....

Yup, obsessed.


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