Just another day in the life...

A phone conversation:

Nancy - Hey Kel, mind if I come over and drop off the front of that AC unit?

Me - Yeah, when you come over you mind doing me a HUGE favor? I mean so huge it really is beyond a favor…"

Nancy - O.k. sure what is it?

Me - Remember when I asked you a few days ago if you would be a leg model for me for a work photo-shoot? Ok, so NO- ONE will help me and every last option I have has fallen through? It would involve you putting on fishnets and holding a pair of fuzzy leopard shoes and letting me take pictures of noting but your legs? I swear NO-ONE will very see your face in these and they will be very taste-full."

Nancy - (loooooong pause then hysterical laughing) …That has to be the strangest favor ANYONE has ever asked me, and you know I have a past! Yes, I'll help you. So no one will now it's me? How long will this take I only have five.

Me - Not unless you want them to. Oh, thank you SOOOOOO much. I didn't even have to pull out the "we didn't get to see Death Cab night" as a leverage. It will take you longer to put on the fishnets that anything else.

And that is how THAT happened.


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