My pressure canner purchase at the beginning of the month has resulted in this:

I know - I've gone completely canning crazy. Good Ol' Boy already made fun of my customized labels on his jar of the Hot Pepper Butter I gave him after Cat Lady greeted me after work with this:
Cabbage is so damn gorgeous!

I'm a designer who cook's yo! The labels took me all of 10 minutes to make and how awesome does my newly arranged canned goods shelf look? And I can easily grab good from the shelf for gifts. Yep, Invite me to dinner and I show up with beer AND Carrot Cake Jam.

So here's what's been cooking -

Hot Pepper Butter
Herbed Potatoes
Garden Veggie Blend
Green Beans
Carrot Cake Jam
Chicken Stock

I'm so proud of my new little collection. I'll be adding all of the recipes soon - and coming up with some great use for the red cabbage. Kraut anyone?


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