Hot Damn!

When I was in high school living in Virginia, an odd condiment popped up in our cabinet from one of my mom's excursions -- Hot Pepper Butter.

It's this sweet-hot-cider-vinegar-mustard concoction that I put on everything. I would get cases of the stuff for Christmas I loved it so much. I would ration it out over the year, and it was the go-to for anything that needed a little something awesome.

The fates came together a few weeks ago when I discovered the recipe on a random canning blog. I kind of filed it in the back of my mind until I had an odd encounter with a bunch of free peppers. I then went to the website of the maker of my coveted condiment and broke down their "secret" ingredients after finding the ingredient list on Amazon. Yep, it's worth that much effort.

Between my garden, a few from Good Ol' Boy's backyard, and Cleveland's stash of peppers I got 8 pints of goodness.

Here's my version:

Hot Pepper Butter:
40 Assorted Peppers
1 Quart of Cider Vinegar
1 Quart of Mustard (I used a nice rich brown)
5 cups of sugar
1 cup of honey
1/4 cup molasses
1/3 cup of Clear-Jel
How I made it:
Seed, vein and rough chop the peppers. Give them a whirl in the blender with some of the vinegar. Combine all ingredients but the corn starch and bring to a boil. Make a paste with a little of the pepper mix and the Clear-Jel. Stir in the paste and cook until the sauce is thick. Pour into hot pint jars and water bath process for 15 minutes.

I opened my first jar today to dress up a corn and crab hash I made form some leftover corn spoon bread I made to go with chili a few days ago.  Here's the sauce in action. Taste's great. I think next time I'll throw in a few more jalapeƱos.


  1. This sounds delicious! Exactly the kind of condiment I like to have around to put on anything and everything.

  2. I totally appreciate you posting your recipe. I have a lot of banana peppers that were given to me and I think that this would be a fabulous way to use them...considering I don't have a whole lot a freezer space for stuffed peppers. I let you know how it turns it out =D

  3. Cornstarch is not safe for canning.. Have you made it before. It will start to breakdown and clump. Here is a post about using Clear Jel instead:

  4. Aaak - well I guess I should have researched this old time recipe a little more. I changed the recipe to use the Clear Jel. I've made this one time before and never had a problem, but naturally I would never want to make anything unsafe.
    Thanks Canning Homemade.

  5. are you using 40 hot peppers, assorted kinds? or regular peppers?

  6. I used an assorted bunch ranging from very hot to very sweet. It's a completely flexible recipe. I would suggest starting on the sweet end and then adding in the heat as you incorporate and stir everything to get it just how YOU like it. :)

  7. About how much in terms of volume of peppers? Lbs or cups of cut up? thanks :)


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