Grass Stains on my...

Spent the night with Hippy-Girl and Gill at the Jason Mraz concert at Blossom. It was a great night to be outside even if the grass was a little damp. Fall is definitely around the corner.

Mr. AZ was on his game and his lineup of women musicians was impressive. But really, how could it not be? What lady musician would turn down an offer to play with this dude? Every flippin' woman in the audience wanted to be the lady up on stage making eyes with Mraz while she plays the bongoes like a champ.

We scored free tix and VP parking from Hippy-Girl's co-worker. Free seems to be the theme lately. I don't have a problem with that since I'm Chicago-bound in a few days for Riot Fest, and seem to be spending a ton of money on dental bills lately. Oh! the woes of a night-time jaw grinder...

This was my other purchase with the Busted Tees Groupon. It says "Helvetica" in comic sans font.
Ah, true irony….


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