appropriately inappropriate

Spent my night with The Bear, Frauline and Lady Joy at the Beachland for the Horton Heat/God-dammed Gallows show. Frau, Lady and I looked like we were outfitted to be band-mates with out polka-dot inspired frocks. Frau was in black with a cutsey black and white polkadot fitted camp shirt and gardenia in her black-red ombre hair, Lady J was in a polka dot wiggle skirt (and seamed fishnets - I love that bitch) and I had on my wide polk-dot headband and this:
New shirt from Busted Tees
Yay Living Social Voucher  - $10 including shipping final cost)

This is definitely a shirt reserved for the tiny hours of the night. It was appropriately inappropriate apparel for a show. Even The Bear looked like he could have been our manager in his black tee featuring a skull-rose in a coffin (and let's not forget his smug smile from his fresh portrait-art win at the tattoo convention earlier in the day - yes, I can now say my ink is done by an award winning artist) Fashion win all around. Hurrah!

It was a great show and the first time I saw Horton Heat live. Good stuff.  There is a small part of me starrting to appreciate wildly long guitar jam-riffs and I can only attribute this to some kind of incubated brainwashing my father orchestrated while I was a child making my mom and I endure hours of Hendrix on family road trips. Most of these excruciating long riffs would end in my mom blurting out "OK HON, ENOUGH!" and he would sheepishly smile,  fiddle with some cassettes -  and melodic peace was restored as The Spinners now filled the tiny Datsun Hatchback.

The Gallows were definitely my favorite with the completely wacky lineup of dudes. The tiny peach-butt banjo player made me swoon with his rustic rawness. I LOVE BANJOES! And the music was just  pure joy and happiness despite lyrics depressing deathly shipwrecks and such.

I also come to a new level of appreciation for the "pre-live" crowd-warmup-soundtrack when the speakers filled with Barton Hollow by The Civil Wars. With the buzz of one beer I belted this jam into my empty bottle as Bear, Frau and J thought I was nuts for my apparent knowledge of the folk, gospel, blues tune that is just now getting some play. Well played soundtrack maker, well played.

All in all - awesome night.

And the practical application....Chopped Challenge for the Chopped Budget

Here is a lesson in feeding your friends on the cheap - it mainly involves thinking like your on Chopped challenge in the Food Network. .....Aka-the fridge clean-out meal

Here was the menu:

AppleGobbler Pannini's
Turkey sausage  (.90  on sale w/coupon-ready to reach exp. date soon)
caramelized shallots, (1.79 for a bag of beauties from the Asian Market)
onions and apples (last of the .88 vidalias that havent sprouted and ground-score apples 
from a wayward bag placed in my cart at the market full of random produce)
fresh ginger (asian market .64 for a big root piece)
onion kaiser rolls (2.78 - 5 left out of a bag of 8 - and on their last day of 
life unless they become croutons)

Sweet Ginger Salad
romain salad bag (.70 on sale w/coup - need to use soon)
apple cider vinegar (.17 for the bottle after coup.)
olive oil (.75 for the drizzle)
cheddar cheese (.50 bag from Giant Eagle Kraft sale)
apples (free)
salt + pepper

The-Boozy-Ginger Nilla' Tea
ginger peach vanilla tea
teabags (online score .75 per box - used half)
honey (.50)
vanilla vodka (leftover from unknown event...)
ground ginger

So total meal cost:  Around $8 to feed 4 people.  (Still under $10 if I had to buy the apples)

This doesn't include the added benefits:
- using up some perishables before they started to go bad
- friends buying you a beer as a dinner thank-you
- didn't have to go to the grocery store allowing me to disco-nap pre-concert
- cheap good eats means more money to buy concert tickets.


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