Of the lessons I have learned...

2011 started with a Vegas wedding, was filled with parties, Sunday dinners, cookouts, weekend trips and really hard work.  Visually the year resembles a bokeh style landscape. Big beautiful bright globes of light but as time passes it all seems very out of focus. I look back on the year and can smile knowing despite all of the constant challenges it was a beautiful time.  I’m thinking of how I became a better friend and learned how to fight.  I also look at my professional life and think of how the year is ending with a cliffhanger and a team of writers who don’t know where the script is going.

I learned that being prepared is completely different than having a plan. Know your subject but have an open mind so when things are thrown in your directions you are prepared to catch and run. Despite your best efforts to have a plan in place life doesn’t follow a crafted outline.  Life’s players emerge as shining stars and others fade to grey while you try and compose your story. Your second and third options become bad ideas forcing you to use pieces and parts of it all and in the end a simple action as small as a bobby pin can create a completely different outcome.  Often people think large changes are the result of large actions, but really, it is the small delicate moments that create a change in thought that lead to monumental outcomes.

Grace, confidence, authenticity and understanding have become the totems in which I measure my successes. 

I found myself wanting to learn more about my family beyond my parents. I have always taken the view of wanting to forget the people who were not the best grandparents and relatives.  In finding out more about small slices of their story I have a desire to take the past and own it. I forgive them for not being a part of my life.  I want to travel to Norway, Sweden, Germany and Scotland among other places to learn about the things they were never there to tell me about. 

I learned that beautiful people are those who have nothing more than a genuine smile. I learned that one of the greatest feelings is the joy in knowing those you love are well loved and cared for. I learned that the quicker you shake failure the less people remember it. I learned that you should never be ashamed of your flaws and any decisions you make to be more healthy and happy. 

As the year ends I wish nothing more than a new one filled with as many gifts as I have been given in 2011.  


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