white space: a primer

I don’t know when my love of white space developed but I have always had a quirky relationship with the void. A fresh cracked notebook un-littered with crap to-do lists, meeting notes or randomly sketched body parts, is an exciting frontier. Kind of like a dude encountering a fresh field of snow and the knowledge that there is no one around besides God to see him write his name in yellow.  (This is the only time I will ever discuss penis-envy.*)  *That last sentence will probably be a lie but that is the great thing about blank pages – it can mean empty promises.
The year is about to end and naturally I get all emotional and reflective wondering what the hell I did all year. As usual, I look back on my Flickr account and realize that there was a lot jammed into 365 days. I feel satisfied with 2011, however, 2012 is already shaping up to be a bitch-slap of a year. Changes and transitions are looming over my head like a long overdue DVD. 

Normally I start the year with a ridiculous long list of things I want to accomplish, but with the world swirling around me I decided that I don’t have a list but I’m going to enjoy coloring each day a page at a time.  As a “planner” this is probably the loftiest resolution to make. Cheers to 2012, and pass me the frou frou dust, we’ve got some pretty to make.


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