a christmas morning gift of taste

It is not often that there is an offense so grievous to warrant a rant of epic monologue lengths. However this morning I found myself making the following speech:

"Dad, I cannot tell you the utter shock and awe I experienced while driving your car yesterday and finding not one but two items that has deeply saddened me to the core  (insert sideways concerned look from Mom). These items have made me rethink my opinion of your core values, and all that we hold sacred. Upon the first discovery, I was able to blame a temporary lapse in judgement, however the discovery of the second Nickleback CD in your in-car collection has left me no option but to point out this horrid lapse in musical taste. I can handle your love of the extended version of Iron Butterfly's In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida,  (insert eye-roll from Mom) and would listen to that on repeat all day long, (insert horrified look from Mom) before I can ever condone listening to Nickleback. You have left me no option but to confiscate these CDs and shred them. In return I will gladly replace them with 6 new albums and we will speak of Nickleback no more. I find this a fair trade. Remember who introduced you to BNL."

Yes, I am fully aware that this may be a total bitch maneuver, however this is the man that introduced me to the greatest classic rock of all time. Also, it should be pointed out that I did let him leave that house yesterday while wearing a straw cowboy hat with a flannel shirt.

Feel free to leave your suggestions on what I should replace Larry's CD's with and preferred disposal method of the above mentioned CD's.


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